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          Contact Us

          Our head office details are below, however to find the contact details for your nearest branch please use the branch locator.

          Head Office

          Address: Dexel Tyre Company Limited, 128 Staniforth Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S9 3JQ
          Phone: 0114 2446 187
          Email: info@dexel.co.uk

          Please use the contact form below to send an enquiry to our Head Office:

          Local Branches

          All our branches are open Monday to Saturday and Bank Holidays.
          To contact your local branch directly, please use the Branch Locator.

          Company Registration Details

          Dexel Tyre Company Limited is registered in England and Wales at the above address, company No. 00683166.

          Select your tyre size

          Front Tyre Size
          Rear Tyre Size

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