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          COVID-19 Update
          LAST UPDATED 12/08/2021

          To safeguard the health of our employees and customers, we are monitoring the Governments advice relating to the Coronavirus outbreak carefully.

          Cleaning and hygiene in Depots

          To help prevent the spread of this virus, while maintaining normal business operations, we have put new procedures in place within our branches. Amongst others, these include;

          1. The use of a fresh pair of medical-grade gloves whenever making contact with the interior of a customer's vehicle
          2. Routine cleaning of hard surfaces and door handles using catering grade alcohol sprays.
          3. Cleaning the card payment machine with antiviral wipes after each use.

          Social-distancing in Depots

          The Governments guidelines to maintain 2 meters of clear personal space is one that we are taking very seriously, to help prevent the spread of this virus. To help us to achieve this, we;

          1. Request that customers do NOT enter the workshop unless invited by an employee to demonstrates/show and discuss faults identified.
          2. Request that where possible, customers do NOT pay for work with Cash, but instead use chip and pin, or ideally contactless payment methods.
          3. Have turned off the customer coffee machines at each of our branches to minimise contact with high-contact point areas touched regularly by employees and customers.

          Social-distancing for Mobile Operatives

          We operate a fleet of mobile service vehicles for both commercial and passenger vehicles, to both account and retail customers.

          To help maintain the 2 meters of clear personal space during mobile operations we are;

          1. Removing (unless expressly required by a customer) the need for mobile operatives to obtain signatures as a POD on their electronic tablets. Instead, a full name will be taken verbally and recorded from a safe distance.
          2. Removing (unless expressly required by a customer) the need for mobile operatives to sign in at customer's premises where the gatekeeper can sign the register on our operatives behalf.

          Key Worker Statement

          Dexel is committed to supporting the Government throughout this national crisis.

          In line with Government guidance, we consider our employees to fulfil the criteria of Key Workers. Every employee plays a vital role in keeping road and freight transport modes operating, by ensuring vehicles are repaired and maintained to a safe and roadworthy standard.

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