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          What are Budget Tyres?

          Budget tyres are tyres manufactured as a cheaper alternative to premium manufacturer tyres such as Michelin, Continental and Dunlop. They are usually constructed using cheaper materials and by brands that you may not be familiar with. Whilst they are initially cheaper to purchase, they may wear more quickly, meaning that they can be less cost effective long term.

          How Are Budget Tyres Different to Premium Tyres?

          Firstly, the difference between budget and premium tyres is the price and this reflects the research that has gone in to the manufacturers’ constant tyre innovations, the material used to construct the tyre and finally the meticulous testing.

          Secondly, premium tyres tend to last longer than budget tyres as they are constructed with higher quality rubber and wear resistant tread patterns.

          The Pros of Budget Tyres

          The main pro of choosing budget tyres over premium manufacturer tyres is the initial cost. If cost is a serious consideration, you should always choose to purchase a budget tyre rather than buying part worn premium manufacturer tyres as this option poses significant dangers.

          The Pros of Premium Tyres

          There are many benefits to fitting premium manufacturer tyres to your vehicle and these include:

          If you are still struggling to decide which tyre is right for you, take a look at the EU Tyre Label for further guidance. This can provide helpful information on the performance levels you can expect from different tyres.

          Alternatively, you can contact a tyre specialist at your local Dexel Tyre & Auto Centre for further advice.

          Select your tyre size

          Front Tyre Size
          Rear Tyre Size

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