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          Mobile Tyre Fitting

          Don’t have time to visit Dexel Tyre and Auto Centre? Why not take advantage of our mobile tyre fitting service?

          We know that life can be hectic and time can be in short supply which is why Dexel offer a mobile tyre fitting service in selected areas, so you can have your tyres fitted at a time and place to suit you.

          Dexel offers Mobile Tyre Fitting in selected areas

          Why Choose Mobile Tyre Fitting?

          Our mobile tyre fitting specialists are trained to work on all vehicles and our vans carry the latest equipment. This means that we can fit and balance your new tyres to the same high standard you would expect to receive at one of our branches.

          All of our mobile tyre specialists are fully trained and will be able to offer any advice you may need on maintaining your tyres.

          Mobile Tyre Fitting is an easy option when getting to your local garage may be more difficult for you. Eliminate the stress of rearranging your day by arranging a mobile tyre fitting at a time and place convenient for you.

          How to Arrange your Mobile Tyre Fitting

          Arranging your mobile tyre fitting with Dexel could not be easier. Simply submit a mobile tyre fitting quote, alternatively, you can contact your local branch directly.

          Dexel can offer our mobile tyre fitting service from the 3 breakdown hubs shown below, covering the following areas:

          Loading Map…

          Mobile Tyre Fitting in Lincoln, City Centre

          Mobile Tyre Fitting in Lincoln, Tritton Road

          Mobile Tyre Fitting in Market Rasen

          Mobile Tyre Fitting in Gainsborough

          Mobile Tyre Fitting in Doncaster

          Mobile Tyre Fitting in Rotherham

          Mobile Tyre Fitting in Sheffield

          Mobile Tyre Fitting in Worksop

          Select your tyre size

          Front Tyre Size
          Rear Tyre Size

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