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          Tyre Rotation

          Tyre rotation is the process of moving tyres from one position on the vehicle to another in order to prolong tyre life, however, standard tyre rotation is no longer seen as good practise and it is not something that Dexel Tyre & Auto Centre would advise.

          Standard Tyre Rotation

          Standard tyre rotation is the practise of removing tyres from their original position and refitting them in a different position to even out tyre wear, therefore increasing tyre life.

          This process was formerly a standard practise, as front tyres tend to wear more rapidly due to the fact that they bear more weight, however rotating all four tyres is no longer advised.

          As a safety precaution, tyres with the most tread should be at the rear of the vehicle so as to minimise the risk of oversteering, which can occur when the rear axle loses grip whilst the front maintains it, often causing the vehicle to spin out. Oversteer is far more difficult to control than understeering, which occurs when the front axle loses grip while the rear maintains it. This is why new tyres are always recommended to be fitted to the rear, despite the fact that the front tyres provide the vehicles steering capability.

          In addition, if you were to suffer tyre damage on the road, it is easier to gain control of your vehicle if it occurs to the front wheels, so you should keep the tyres with the larger amount of tyre tread on the rear axle.

          Increase Tyre Life

          Instead of undertaking standard tyre rotation to increase the life of your tyres, there are a number of steps you can take to improve their efficiency:

          Select your tyre size

          Front Tyre Size
          Rear Tyre Size

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